Traffic Lights (1 minute interaction)

Oddly my blog's seem to be revolving around transport. Apologies, but I find so many pitfalls when using transport- be it tube, train, bus or your own car!

So my question is this. What kind of traffic light driver are you?
The kind who looks at the road ahead and minds their own business, the kind who fiddles with the stereo, the kind who whips out their mobile for a quick text, the crazy one who starts singing along wildly to the song on the radio, the one who rev's the engine like roadrunner...or are you the perv?

Yes. I said it- The perv. The driver that stares into the car next to them. The one who can't help themselves but look over and check out the girl/guy. The one who makes it awkward for no reason at all. Sometimes the perv even goes as far to wind down their window and beckon you to do the same, in the hope of a quick chat and some"digits".

I'm afraid to say I'm not hot enough for this to be a daily occurrence, and I wouldn't like it to be either, but the other week "the perv maneuver" happened to me. I cursed to myself as the traffic light ahead turned red and I slowed to a stop in the left lane. Out the corner of my eye but what do I see? Movement in the BMW next to me. I did what I always do, stare straight ahead and mind my own business. Then, out of my peripherals I saw the window come down and arms flailing in a desperate attempt to get my attention. I gave up, looked over, and what I saw shocked me. Three guys in the car with a woman driver! If you're going to perv make sure it doesn't look like your girlfriend's in the drivers seat. To make matters worse the guy in the passenger seat had his phone out presuming that I had a blackberry and was shouting "PIN, PIN! SEND ME YOUR PIN!" I was perplexed., embarrassed and amused. My first thought was what an idiot. My second thought was for the poor girl driving these fools who'd given me a sheepish, apologetic look on behalf of their behaviour. My third thought was for the lights to change. Immediately. Finally- off I drove.

I don't understand it. All you have to do is look at the traffic light, wait for green, and go. People make it so hard. Forget the optimism; you only have a minute or two- tops. And if you are bold enough to be that guy,  9.9 times out of 10 you will be shunned, and shunned badly, most likely resulting in the victim locking the doors, winding the window up and slamming their foot on the gas like roadrunner. It's not worth the shame.